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JP-H0445625-A: Multiplex transmission system patent, JP-H0445821-A: Refining device for high-temperature reducing gas patent, JP-H0445922-A: Weldable damping steel sheet patent, JP-H0445950-A: Nozzle plate for ink jet printer head patent, JP-H044654-A: Communication method between center equipment and terminal equipment through public telephone network patent, JP-H0447493-A: Merchandise sample display device for automatic vending machine patent, JP-H0448176-A: Portable cooler patent, JP-H0448288-A: Laser warning device patent, JP-H04500767-A: patent, JP-H04500916-A: patent, JP-H04501104-A: patent, JP-H04501942-A: patent, JP-H04502295-A: patent, JP-H04502993-A: patent, JP-H04503196-A: patent, JP-H04503400-A: patent, JP-H04503658-A: patent, JP-H04503938-A: patent, JP-H04504282-A: patent, JP-H04504505-A: patent, JP-H04504579-A: patent, JP-H04507344-A: patent, JP-H045097-A: Bookbinding apparatus patent, JP-H0452543-A: Presuming apparatus of quantity of state of vehicle patent, JP-H0452918-A: Detection of running-out of dry cell for real time clock of electronic computer patent, JP-H0453785-A: Document/journal data output patent, JP-H045395-A: Apparatus for pulling buried pipe patent, JP-H0454466-A: Device for discriminating neutral line and earth line of single phase power source provided with earth line patent, JP-H0456229-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-H0456377-A: Distributed-feedback semiconductor laser patent, JP-H0458016-A: Volume efficiency constantly setting device for intake air in diesel engine patent, JP-H045815-A: Dummy wafer and its manufacture patent, JP-H0458249-A: Photosensitive resin patent, JP-H0458800-A: Thyristor type automatic voltage regulator for synchronous machine patent, JP-H0459311-A: Molding pellet aggregate patent, JP-H0459365-A: Heat recording printer patent, JP-H0459726-A: Solubilization of pyridonecarboxylic acid patent, JP-H0459802-A: Production of prepolymer of diallyl phthalates patent, JP-H0459988-A: Production of master sheet for electrolyzing nickel patent, JP-H0460084-A: Driving device for cable type window regulator patent, JP-H0460213-A: Control device for magnetic bearing patent, JP-H046067-A: Novel fluid container patent, JP-H0460981-A: Cooling mechanism patent, JP-H0461306-A: Magnetic alloy film patent, JP-H0462009-A: Manufacture of pneumatic tire patent, JP-H0462212-A: Sea water clarifying structure patent, JP-H0462544-A: Method for forming high-contrast negative image patent, JP-H0462988-A: Manufacture of plastic mold with circuit patent, JP-H0463862-A: Resin composition for roller for holding magnet roll gap of developer patent, JP-H0464611-A: Operation start method for dust remover patent, JP-H0465508-A: Spinneret for three-component sheath-core structure spinning patent, JP-H0466593-A: Separation of protein patent, JP-H0466662-A: Vacuum vapor deposition apparatus patent, JP-H0466884-A: Integrated circuit tester patent, JP-H0466970-A: Color printer patent, JP-H0467258-A: Neural network circuit patent, JP-H046761-A: Pressure welded terminal device and formation of its wire holding section patent, JP-H0467695-A: Semiconductor laser element and manufacture thereof patent, JP-H0468341-A: Silver halide photographic sensitive material patent, JP-H0468405-A: Working time display method in numerical controller patent, JP-H0468586-A: Semiconductor laser patent, JP-H0469824-A: Semiconductor laser device patent, JP-H0470782-A: Developing device patent, JP-H0472000-A: Geostationary optical fiber tether satellite system patent, JP-H0472714-A: Mask for reflection type x-ray exposure patent, JP-H0473298-A: Transparent paper for second original drawing patent, JP-H047345-A: Impact-resistant and chemical-resistant resin composition patent, JP-H0474075-A: Display method for selection input of television receiver patent, JP-H0474136-A: Sustained release oral agent patent, JP-H0474453-A: Semiconductor integrated circuit device patent, JP-H047531-A: Camera with automatic programmed zooming function patent, JP-H0475660-A: Deodorant and deodorizing sheet patent, JP-H0475686-A: Cloth feed mechanism of sewing machine patent, JP-H0476134-A: Structure of joint between closed sectional steel pole and steel beam and joining method patent, JP-H0476361-A: Automatic device for ice-making patent, JP-H047793-A: Character recognizing device patent, JP-H0478175-A: Vibration-proof cryostat patent, JP-H0478289-A: Television telephone terminal set patent, JP-H0478738-A: Roof structure of automobile patent, JP-H0478943-A: Cache memory device patent, JP-H0479253-A: Carrier patent, JP-H0479266-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-H0480007-A: Manufacture of film or sheet patent, JP-H0480553-A: Heat exchanger for volcano magma eruption guide patent, JP-H0480586-A: Finishing time indicating device in grain drying and preparing device patent, JP-H0480755-A: Method for inspecting photomask patent, JP-H0480992-A: Multilayer printed board structure patent, JP-H0481326-A: Axle housing for tractor patent, JP-H0481829-A: Zoom lens barrel patent, JP-H0482001-A: Method for cleaning magnetic head patent, JP-H0482591-A: Drum-type washing and drying machine patent, JP-H0482764-A: Recording device patent, JP-H0482842-A: Extractive separation and concentration of methylnaphthalene using aqueous solution of pyridine derivative patent, JP-H0483232-A: Matrix type display device patent, JP-H0483512-A: Damp removing apparatus and drying storage place for bedding using the damp removing apparatus patent, JP-H0483856-A: Fe-cr-ni-al ferritic alloy patent, JP-H048420-A: Electric reciprocating saw patent, JP-H0484211-A: Data input help system patent, JP-H0484564-A: Signal processing circuit for close contact image sensor patent, JP-H0484570-A: Camcoder patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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